Solutions We Offer...


Abbadco is the ideal partner for mobile applications publishers, web technology companies and other IT providers that are planning to build a web service from scratch or expand the functionalities of an existing one.

We undertake the implementation of any web service or mobile application no matter its complexity and we provide our clients with tailor-made solutions which integrate perfectly with their existing platforms to cover their needs. All of our solutions are scalable and flexible and offer significant advantages to our clients, regardless of their size and ordering cycle.

Service planning
We design the service’s implementation plan in close collaboration with our client, defining each step of the process and outlining a realistic time schedule.

We advise our client throughout the implementation of the service, from the initial definition of requirements to their end-users’ first transactions in a fully functioning system.

Interface management
We develop a customized solution to ensure that it will be integrated seamlessly into our client’s current platform, providing our advice and guidance on the design and implementation of the interface in their existing system.

New service launch
We advise our client on the introduction and the marketing plan of the new web service or mobile app.